• #74 - New methods in ProjectOperations which functions like their long-standing peer methods, but allow null to be returned for scalar operations, or nulls to be dropped from list operations. These are fileOrNull, fileizeOrNull, fileizeDropNull, fileizeOrNull,fileizeDropNull, stringizeOrNull, stringizeDropNull.

  • #75 - AbstractExecTask & AnstractExecSpec now have the addEnvironmentProvider method.

  • #76 - Support for flatMap on pre-Gradle 5.0 and orElse on pre-Gradle-5.6. Use projectOperations.providerTools.

  • #77 - getProjectPath, getProjectFullPath and isRoot methods added to ProjectOperations.


  • #73 - updateFileProperty should unset property if null is passed.


  • ProjectOperations.map has been deprecated. Use ProjectOperations.getProviderTools().map() instead.