• #31 - Configuration-cache enabled.

  • #32 - Deprecated project.nodeexec & project.npmexec and replaced with node.exec and npm.npmexec instead.


  • #29 - Evaluate environment settings where values contain providers.


  • #33 - dependencies.npmPackage is now handled as a service rather than extra properties.


  • Where classes have both constructors taking Project or ProjectOperations, then constructor taking Project has been deprecated.

  • All methods on extensions starting with getResolvable have been replaced. Use either getExecutable or getNpmCliJsProvider.

  • executable version/path/search have been replaced by executableByVersion / executableByPath / executableBySearchPath.

Breaking changes

  • Minimum supported Gradle version is now 4.9.

  • project.nodeexec & project.npmexec - use node.exec and npm.exec instead.

  • Setting a different version for NPM has never been implemented properly and has now been removed. Please raise an issue if you need this support.

  • getResolverFactoryRegistry has been removed from AbstractPackageWrappingExtension. There is no longer a need for this.

  • Maven coordinates are now org.ysb33r.gradle and not gradle.plugin.org.ysb33r.gradle.