• {issue}16[#16] - Improved up to date checking for various Terraform tasks.

  • {issue}25[#25] - File paths printed in console are shown as URIs to support better hyperlinking from IDEs.

  • {issue}28[#28] - Remote S3 state can be configured on a per source set basis.

  • {issue}29[#29] - Tasks tfUpgrade added to aid in upgrading from previous terraform sources where the specific version supports it.

  • {issue}31[#31] - Tasks tfFmtCheck and tfFmtApply added.

  • {issue}32[#32] - Remove logging levels as it is not supported by Terraform and replace by method setLogProgress.

  • {issue}33[#33] - Support for terraform 0.15.

  • {issue}34[#34] - Support workspaces.

  • {issue}35[#35] -Task tfUntaint added.

  • {issue}36[#36] - tfApply tasks now uses the plan generated by tfPlan. The latter will be executed if a plan does not exist.

  • {issue}37[#37] - Certain features are only enabled for specific terraform versions.

  • {issue}38[#38] - On tfStateRm and tfImport, --path has replaced the --type and --name.

  • {issue}39[#39] - tfPlan & tfApply supports ability to replace resources.

  • {issue}40[#40] - task tfDestroyPlan added to create a specific destruction plan. --destroy parameter on tfPlan is no longer supported. Use this new task instead.


  • {issue}41[#41] - tfDestroy should not cause tfApply to be executed.

  • {issue}42[#42] - Skip tasks if no source files in source directory.


  • Default terraform version is 0.15.3.