• {issue}11[#11] - tfStatePull task implemented

  • {issue}44[#44] - Support AWS credentials on Terraform source sets.

  • {issue}45[#45] - Support Gitlab credentials on Terraform source sets.

  • {issue}54[#54] - Customise values that can be written to S3 backend partial configuration file.

  • {issue}55[#55] - Support a text template for S3 backend.


  • {issue}43[#43] - tfOutput should not cause tfApply or tfPlan to be invoked.

  • {issue}47[#47] - tfApply should pass the --target/--replace parameters to tfPlan.

  • {issue}48[#48] - AWS credentials should not be cached between builds.

  • {issue}49[#49] - Truncate log file before task calls Terraform. $ {issue}51[#51] - Terraform is attempting to create log content in systemroot

  • {issue}53[#53] - NPE when running task tfStatePull.

  • {issue}58[#58] - Default remote prefix needs to take project path into account.

  • {issue}59[#59] - Session credentials are not passed to workspace commands.

Breaking changes

  • AbstractRemoteStateConfigGenerator.getTemplateResourcePath is no longer supported as per {issue}55[#55].

  • As part of {issue}54[#54], the RemoteStateS3Provider interface introduces a new required method called getAttributesMap, which could break plugins that are built on top of this suite of plugins.


  • {issue}56[#56] - TF_APPEND_USER_AGENT is added to the terraform execution environment.

  • {issue}52[#52] - Added usage example for getRawOutputVariables.

  • Default version of terraform is 1.0.0.