• #60 - Customise backend by source set.

Bug fixes

  • #62 - Escaped collections within collections of Terraform variables.

  • #63 - Add remote_state map variable when remoteStateVar is set to true.

  • #66 - getRawOutputVariables does not pick up workspaces.


  • RemoteStateAwsS3ConfigGenerator has been deprecated in favour of RemoteStateConfigGenerator. Instances of task itself will be empty with a direct dependency on an instance of RemoteStateConfigGenerator. Trying to configure the task will display a warning.

  • RemoteStateS3Provider has been deprecated.

Breaking changes

  • TerraformRemoteStateBasePlugin has been removed and it’s functionality absorbed into TerraformBasePlugin.

  • AbstractRemoteStateConfigGenerator has been removed and replaced with RemoteStateConfigGenerator.

  • When applying the S3 backend, the remote_state variable is no longer added by default. In order to do this, set remote.remoteStateVar = true on the source set or globally on terraform.remote.remoteStateVar.

  • tfstate is not automatically appended to the key name in S3 remote state. The default test template has changed to reflect this.

  • The default key for s3 remote state is set to the full project path including the root project name, plus the source set name. This might be different from what your current build is using. If you suddently find that tfPlan type tasks are all not finding the resources, then this is probably the culprit. You can choose to manually rename the state object in S3, or you can explicitly set remote.s3.remoteStateName to be the one that you have been using.


  • Default version of Terraform is 1.0.2.